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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Book N Fly Travel & Tours Pvt Ltd. We are one of the leading Tour Operators and Destination Management Company in Karachi, Pakistan having more than 28  years of valuable experience in the travel & tourist trade. We do not say we are the best, we just say "Try Us" others may claim it but we stake our reputation on it. We are an approved tours operator by the Department of Tourist Services, Ministry of Tourism, and Government of Pakistan and arrange all kind of tours in Pakistan and to Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, USA & Canada Middle East and Umrah.

Since Inception, we have handled many of clients and have developed a strong relationship with relevant companies and bodies in the destinations we serve, which in present is more of friendship and partnership than of business nature. This has enabled us to offer a quality & personalized service and superb value for money by putting our client’s needs first, than anything else. The dedicated and versatile team at Book N Fly Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd. is highly experienced and knowledgeable. Our people are the focal point of the organization, providing an unsurpassed level of personal service to the travel agents and to the traveling public; these are all committed to ensuring that every business – leisure goes smoothly. In addition to the personalized service you are sure to receive from the moment you choose us to be your Travel Agent, our Chauffeur Guides who are very flexible and friendly will make, Touring in Pakistan and any destination in rest of the world, a memorable and a close to the heart experience, one you will cherish for years.

Our Office is located in a prominent commercial and residential area in Karachi, which is well equipped with the state of the art facilities to response to our respective clients and the requisitions promptly with complete information. Furthermore 24 hours contactable make us being promptly attentive to the clients and their requirements.


Our Ambition

  • To take that extra step with our clients & provide them a complete travel solution.
  • To exchange with you our services and experience and to provide you the best value for money.
  • That you take the pleasant memories of our country, culture and our friendly personal services by us stretching the extra bit more than, just being a destination management company.
  • Our clients not to be just another tourist, but to be our linkage and our agent to the next potential customers.
  • You to decide and us to make available the complete information: Not we to decide what you should do for your holiday. Giving the best information at all times & not to try & sell what we want but what the client wants.
  • To walk with the new technology to provide the best holiday solution as fast as possible, but not to loose the Human touch, by continuously providing personalized services.
  • To comply with our customers’ ever varying desires & to be contactable around the clock.


  • Thousands of our satisfied clients who enjoyed their stay with our Services. Tour Operations headed by professionals with over 25-28 years of experience in the Travel Trade.
  • A dedicated staff and dynamic management.
  • Integrity in the local & regional hotel trade.
  • Travel Network, linking Pakistan, Dubai, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, China, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia ,Maldives and many cities in the World.